Pyramid Pets Slots

Released just this year, Pyramid Pets Slots has risen to acclaim as one of Realtime Gaming's (RTG) most fun and rewarding slots titles. It's easy to find this game as it's a popular one and available at most popular online casino sites. This is a 5×3 reel slots game that matches both vertically and horizontally to maximize player prize potential. The theme of both Ancient Egyptian secrets and cute, cuddle creatures is a nice and welcome blend of genres that players will enjoy over a long span of time.

The game doesn't get boring, and in fact there are multipliers that keep increasing with consistent gameplay, so there is always a rewarding end game for players to earn through. Another advantage of Pyramid Pets Slots is the ability for players to get in on the action risk free. A free play demo mode is available on any platform that Pyramid Pets Slots, so players can practice and see real world results without real money consequences. The minimum bet for Pyramid Pets Slots is $2 per play, and a maximum of $100 per play.

Turn by turn Pyramid Pets Slots seems to offer solid return to player (RTP) and even with just a 3 match will players be able to elevate their multipliers. The game offers x1, x2, x3, and x5 providing the relevant multiplier for whatever hits that turn. Getting to x5 can be as simple as winning a few plays out of 10, Pyramid Pets Slots feels fair and has a lot of worthy rewards. Even the lower emblems can provide a 12x bonus when matched in 3x horizontally. Pyramid Pets Slots also excels in its simplicity. The gameplay is perfection, easy to spin the reel and east to recognize the more valuable emblems on the board.

Everything is themed with an Egyptian and cute critter blend, so when you see the Red birds as opposed to Blue ones, you'll know exactly what to shoot for. They range in values from 10x to 12x to even beyond once the multipliers take effect. It's also noticeable that the game rewards heavily at all levels of betting gameplay, it doesn't require high roller bets to see some real uptick in rewards. There are cascading wins, free spins, and a wide variety of multipliers in the form of scatter symbols and wilds. These range from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to Pyramid Pets themselves, but each as fun to watch match as they are to collect rewards from.

Fans of softer designs and friendly gameplay will love Pyramid Pets Slots. This is one of RTG's more polished games in terms of animations and game flow. The rewards come quickly and there's no long delay between turns. It feels quick, rewarding, and effective in giving players just the right type of rush they need. Pyramid Pets Slots is available at top notch gaming platforms all over the web, this includes RTG's custom casino platforms. Looking for a new game? Definitely check this one out today.