Cleocatra Slots

Cleocatra Slots is the fantastic slots title developed by the brilliant developers over at Pragmatic Play. This Vegas inspired slot is available at many popular online casinos including BitStarz, Slot Catalog, Casino Guru, Vegas Slots Online, and Pragmatic Play's own slot gaming platform. Visually and mechanically this slot is one of is their best. Each turn players have a chance at 5,000x their wager, and sticky wilds and free spins are among the many prizes granted per turn as well. Cleocatra Slots is somewhat volatile meaning bigger prizes coming less often, but players can hop in instantly even for free with the demo mode and start stacking cats for prizes!

All the emblems on this 5x4 reel resemble that of ancient Egypt. Cleocatra Slots is it clever play on words in each emblem represents that of a royal and awesomely superb cat. From Ankhs to Kitty Pharaohs, players will have their hands full matching Wilds in the form of paw pyramids for some of the best prizes in the genre. Pragmatic Play also offers a wide array of social tournaments which players can get in on the action with Cleocatra Slots or any of their favorite PP slots for a chance at bigger prizes all the while being able to meet like-minded people who love the same slots types of slots and Vegas inspired online casino games.

Players have a wide array of settings to choose from which they can practice using in the free play demo mode. The free play demo mode offers 100,000 free credits for players to toil with as they learn the ropes, and match a wide array of wild emblems and kitty-based ancient symbols to win huge prizes! The moving backgrounds and thematic ancient Egyptian style makes this one of the more visually stunning slots titles players can get their hands on. Players can also instantly buy free spins which is an easy way to Max bet all the while trying to earn the max jackpot of 5,000x a single wager! Players can earn up to three times their bed for every wild they capture, and players can also auto adjust their bet per one of the 10 pay lines with a minimum of 20 cents per wager.

More of the High Roller types can also Max bet their wager as $100 per turn, and this only increases the chance of achieving that Max multiplier jackpot. This is an extremely fun game on any level that players try, and each prize is especially worth it based on the volatility and bet level of each turn. Pragmatic Play has out done themselves with this modern slots classic. The visuals, moving symbols, and thematic backgrounds and sounds make this a top notch choice for both the bettor and the gamer. Cleocatra Slots is definitely worth checking out for not only its up to date and gorgeous visuals, but its fantastic mechanics, highly-rewarding prizes, and unique functionality with Wilds and all around ways to match and be rewarded!