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The Fliff app is paying out in real ways to players everyday and we are going to tell you how to cash in! From a variety of gift cards to real money, Fliff has a ton of cash out options as well. Players can earn gift cards for as little as $5, but for real money cash outs it will take at least $50 to do so. Fliff offers single play bets along with the ability to string together parlays. From the UFC pay per views to Tennis and the US Open, Fliff offers nearly every sports for bettors to get their hands on.

Fliff also offers access to free coins, free Fliff cash and more daily! So what is Fliff? Well Fliff is a social sports betting app that pays out in both their unique play currency as well as real money. Fliff gold coins are the play currency whereas Free Fliff Cash is their real money currency. Options to purchase Fliff coins are available under the shop menu in the app. Price ranges from 99 cents to $99 offer players a variety of packages in which real money Fliff Cash is gifted with every Fliff gold coin purchase.

Players can access 10 cents worth of Fliff cash and 1,000 Fliff gold coins every 2 hours which is one of the most generous offers I've seen on a sweeps site.Any free redemptions are immediately usable on the site, and once a players is verified cash outs for both real money and gift cards are instant as well.Players will also be able to sign up for Fliff easily with an e-mail, Google, or Twitter sign in. The latter are so fast and provide an instant sign up along with necessary identification to get verified and paid. Upon sign up (even without verification) players will receive a free 5,000 Fliff gold coins and $1 in Free Fliff Cash!

Fliff is legal in every US state except for Washington (as their sweeps laws vary a bit from the rest of the country). Fliff works to create a community of online casino goers who love sports betting. Fliff is one of the few sweeps sites that also functions as a social media app. Friends lists, refer a friend bonuses, and constant ways to chat and make bets are available on Fliff. The app itself is extremely polished and has only made leaps and bounds in improvement since it's launch in 2019. All in all, the packages are affordable at Fliff and their betting lines aren't inflated.

The variety of sports available to bet on also make Fliff a top option for players looking to mix up their betting platforms. There are promo codes available as well as referral codes so both you and your friends can get in on the action and earn a ton of free Fliff cash from the start. Fliff has over 50k downloads and is highly-rated in both the Android and iOs app stores, definitely worth checking out!