Platinum Reels Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes

New players can redeem up to $7,000 in match deposit bonuses at Platinum Reels Casino! The first 3 deposits a player makes will be enhanced, and after the 3rd deposit is made players can redeem code 'PLENTY 30' for 30 free spins on the popular and extremely fun slots title Plentiful Treasure! This is only one of the many Platinum Reels Casino No Deposit Bonus Code options available, and we will take a deeper look into how new players can make the most of their first deposits, and how to even get in on some of the action completely risk free!

The Platinum Slots Rally is a brand new addition to the Platinum Reels Casino family and is offering players a hand at over $75,000 worth of prizes for the Summer months. All it takes is hitting the open slot reels and performing your best to hit a spot on the leaderboard. Any top placed players will receive the bulk of the cash prizes, but there are tons of cash back rewards, free spins, and special tournament entries for anyone taking part! Using code 'RIP135' in conjunction with the Platinum Slots Rally will not only match your deposit by $135 for up to $200, it'll also help you place higher for your chance at a piece of that awesome $75,000 prize pool!

One of the coolest things Platinum Reels Casino does is celebrate new slots games! These games get awesome promotions that last months sometimes, and right now the game Samba Jackpots is rewarding its players with free spins! Making $100 worth of deposits within the span of its recent launch will net players 50 free spins to use with the game! This is a fantastic bonus that can also be used in conjunction with other slots tournaments, and the VIP wheel promotions which we haven't even gotten into yet!

The VIP wheel at Platinum Reels Casino is one of the boldest and most generous ventures they have put forth. Players seem to especially love this wheel although it does take some grinding to spin it! it will take a collective $350 deposit over the course of the past 7 days, but if reached, players will earn a spin at the VIP wheel which has no losing spaces! Players can win anything from free spins, to cash on site, to iPads and Amazon vouchers and much, much more! For players who spend $700 or further increments of $350, there are more spins waiting and more chances at mega jackpot prizes as well.

All it takes is a simple user name sign in to access anything on site including the VIP Wheel. The wide range of slots and table games to the tournaments, raffles and VIP wheels make Platinum Reels Casino a top choice especially for new players. There is a ton of risk free action and rewards for those who do deposit consistently on site. Platinum Reels Casino finds ways to give back constantly, and players love them for it.