Golden Blitz Slots

Golden Blitz Slots is the sports and football inspired slots title brought to players by the brilliant minds at BetSoft Gaming. Players will encounter over 243 ways to win on this 5x3 real slots gaming title. This is a highly modernized game with Incredible moving background visuals and some of the cleanest emblems on board to play wager on. Players can bet as little as 25 cents per turn, or better maximum of $30 if they're these Max waiter can unlock greater rewards the Grand jackpot which has reached heights of over $60,000 in value! In this article we will take a deep dive as to whether or not Golden Blitz Slots is a worthwhile slots title especially for sports fans and fans of online casino betting. 

The title Golden Blitz Slots itself is a perfect example of what the game embodies. Players will be spending the real in search of pig skin covered in bonus multipliers, coach whistles, player helmets, and a wide array of jerseys and protective armor for the NFL players so beloved in this sport. True fans of the sport will love matching all these relevant symbols all the while earning huge prizes with a ton at stake. The overall animations, sound effects, and overall visual Style make this game one of the best looking slots to date. Very rarely our games is immersive as Golden Blitz Slots, this one puts players right in the center of the field with a chance to win huge jackpots and bonuses every turn.

Collecting footballs on the board will allow players to consume mini bonuses. Wilds can also appear in the form of the NFL logo, and with these symbols can get replaced and multiply to reveal even greater prizes. Players can hunt for the best of progressive jackpots in game which are triggered by certain bet amounts. Mini, Minor, Major and Grand are all the progressive jackpots available to players visible at the top of the real every turn, and they range from $450 to a $60,000 grand prize! Again, players have a chance to win up to $450 in terms of a jackpot bonus every time they spend the wheel, even if it's a minimum bet wager. Players will have to Max bet the $30 wager in order to have a chance at any of the Grand jackpot multipliers or Major bonuses on the board.

As players up their bet level, they will see wilds and multipliers change their shape and form granting minor bonuses but with much higher multipliers as the Wagers increase. This is a simple game to get into yet somewhat hard to master. It's a mid volatility title with a good amount of symbols to match and earn from. This is a slots title for every Die Hard NFL fan as it combines The Best of Both Worlds. The moving clouds, shining lights from the photos in the stands, and active players on the field ready to go make Golden Blitz Slots highly realistic!