Why Baccarat is One of the Most Popular Casino Games Online

Why is Baccarat is one of the most popular casino games online? Well, for one thing it's quite easy to learn. The long lineage of the game stands strong as it's been passed down as one of the more competitive and fun to master Vegas games around. Many players also flock to Baccarat online because it's an easy way to access one of the most popular Vegas casino games without actually having to visit Las Vegas.

With online casinos being able to provide the dealer function in a gamified format, Baccarat works great as a way to relax and win big all from a PC or mobile device. Baccarat is featured across most popular online casinos if they carry a game tablature for live dealer games, and it works 1v1 or as a party game!

How The Game is Played

The goal of the games is to land on 9, or as close to 9 as possible. Face cards are only worth 0 with an Ace being worth 1, so Baccarat is a bit more unique in how face and numbered cards are valued. The game is played with the dealer dealing 2, 2 card hands to players circled around the deck. The hands dealt are for both the player and the banker. The banker is simply another way for players to bet the secondary hand dealt. The dealer will hand out the 2 card hands to both the player and the banker (placeholder), and you, the player can bet on either hand.

Both pay out at even money if the hand is won, and the hand is won by hitting a 9 or as close to 9 as possible. Hitting an 8 or 9 off the bat is called hitting a Natural, this is a strong hand and will most likely net coin to the player each time out. Ties are possible, and occur if both the banker and player hit the same number. This is a more rare case, but it adds to the competitive edge of the game.

Baccarat also has a lower edge on return for the house. Players like to get an edge as it means more profit at the end of the day, so playing Baccarat will most likely net players more dough in the long run. The game is dealt out like most Hold Em' games, but it's blend of BlackJack and Poker make Baccarat quite stylized with an even easier rule set to follow. It's a game well worth checking out, especially for fans of classic casino games in general.