5 Progressive Slots Tips: How to Win a Progressive Jackpot

Slots and pokies are the hot new thing in mobile casino gaming. Players have flocked to slots and online slots for years, but progressive slots gaming has had a comeuppance in the last few years due to its engaging gameplay and the tremendous rewards offered. Unlike a regular slots game in which every turn can be a winner, progressive slots tally up rewards until a jackpot winner is earned. This is an incredible way to build up towards fantastic prizes instead of taking smaller wins and using them up again towards more spins. Take these 5 tips with you when choosing the perfect progressive slots title for your gaming pleasure.

  • Choosing the Right Game: Choosing the right progressive slot is everything. A fun game with high volatility and low max payouts might not be the end goal for you. It's important to choose a game which you have fun playing, but it's more crucial to choose a game with low to mid volatility, high payouts, and as low maximum bets as possible to reap the most reward for your buck.
  • Finding the Lowest Max Bet: As mentioned previously, it's key to find the lowest maximum bets. Most progressive jackpots require a max bet to trigger the jackpot symbols required for a big win, so find the lowest max bet to make it comfortable to play and grind for hours on end. Since progressives are all about the end result, make sure to cover all your bases before jumping into the deep end of the pool.
  • Using Bank Roll Boosters to Your Advantage: A wide range of deposit and no deposit codes are available on a variety of pokies and mobile casino sites. These can used to a serious advantage as players can get anywhere from doubling up to possible 10x their deposit depending on the right combination of codes, games, and promotions available.
  • Consistency is Key: Playing Daily and grinding towards the top is necessity when it comes to progressive slots gaming. It's a rally to the top in which the end fulfills the means, but getting there will take some time and a lot of gameplay. There will be times you will be close to a mega jackpot but not quite hit, and it's important not to quit there. Keep grinding, and jackpots will become inevitable.
  • Keep a Ledger: Make sure your time or money doesn't run out on you. Manage your funds and time in a way that makes playing fun, because the less of a chore progressive jackpots feel like, the more incredible fun they will provide. Managing bank roll is everything, so make sure you don't run out of resources because a jackpot could be right around the corner.

Progressive Jackpot slots are extremely popular right now. They are worth checking out with these 5 tips as they can really make the most bang for your buck. Progressives are carried at most popular online casinos; remember to play and good luck on winning big!