VIP Starz Club

Since its launch in 2014, Bitstarz has continually provided one of the cleanest and most fun online casino experiences around! The new age games and countless, fantastic rewards keep players clamoring for more daily, and Bitstarz does nothing but deliver! The VIP Starz Club can be found near the Promotions tab under VIP. Players will immediately notice how many new slots titles there are in addition to how good looking of a platform Bitstarz is. Everything feels updated, smooth, easy to navigate along with being transparent and all around fun. The VIP tab will then open players up to a whole new world of awesome promotional rewards that come with consistent play and tier leveling.

Bigger and Better Bonuses:

There are 5 key points to the VIP Starz Club and it starts with better rewards! Players who enroll themselves as VIPs at BitStarz will enjoy a ton of bigger and better bonuses. There are a ton of weekly newsletter e-mails that will offer no deposit codes, and there are weekly surprise gifts along with birthday gifts! Bitstarz has built up a loyal player base and their VIP Starz Club is top notch is a fantastic way of giving back.

Dedicated Bitstarz Manager:

A 24/7 Bitstarz manager tailored to the player's needs is also available. With a wide array of options to communicate with the manager including e-mail, live chat, and even Skype, Bitstarz has revolutionized the game of online casinos. Players can now be fully at ease betting with some top tier advice all from the comfort of their living room. Managers are available at every step and turn, and it's up to the player whenever they want to reach out, it's simply a perk of being a Bitstarz VIP! Managers can also help you enroll in customized bonus plans which create unique and varied deposit options to boost your bank roll stack even more. This is essential for players who make Bitstarz their main platform as it's a complete regret not taking advantage of every deposit and no deposit codes available.

Faster Payouts and Bigger Payouts:

Bitstarz usually has a limit of around $5,000 players for median players, but this can be completely expanded by being a Bitstarz VIP. Would you believe it if I told you that Bitstarz VIPs recieve prioritized and lightning fast, unrestricted pay outs! Bitstarz VIPs can take out as much cash from their account at any time they need. This is an incredible aspect of being a VIP, and for some players it truly seals the deal if they were at all on the edge. A minimum deposit of $20 is more than feasible for newer players to get in on the action at any level.

Players will also be entitled to playing new slots and table games before they are released to the wide public. There are so many perks when it comes to being a member of the VIP Starz Club and it's as easy as signing-up and making your first deposit.