Betmania Casino

Betmania Casino was launched in the early 2000s during the genesis of online casinos. In what's considered a sports betting shop, Betmania Casino is built around life long bettors and veterans who know the space extremely well. Started in San Jose, these Californians know exactly what bettors love, and there is no end to the promotions or bonuses on sit.

Supreme bonuses for players are touted at Betmania as they have exclusively unique programs for their players and registrants. The much sought after MINIADVANTAGES are a set of unique and powerful betting tools designed to give players a boost when playing and trying to win big. These MINIADVANTAGES (or bonuses) include a sign up consolation, reload bonuses, referral programs for friends, and rebates along with many surprises throughout the year. Rebates earned by players can be redeemed only on two days a week, but they enhance the player bank roll enough that it's not an everyday necessity.

Registration is quick, easy and painless through the polished user interface on the Betmania site. Live support through chat, e-mail and a live toll free number make it top notch in terms of help and overall service. Players will never have to worry about failed deposits or where there withdrawals are, Betmania keeps a tight and transparent ledger and security is second to none. The site's homepage consists of easy navigation tabs so players can find the right space for them. Included are the Sportsbook, Casino, Racebook, Live Betting, MINIADVATNAGES, a wide array of banking and on site wallet options along with the daily bonuses put out there for players to reap.

Betmania also provides a wide array of lottery options in which players can pay for their tickets and chances right from the site! Betmania Lottery is a where players can indulge in Daily 3 or Daily 4 lottery from the California, New York and Texas. Any qualified registrants on the site can win big from any of the daily lotteries ongoing, and it's easily accessible through the homepage tab on Betmania. Payout tables, rules and live support status are always available at Betmania, and that's what makes it one of the most polished and appealing sites in the new era of online casinos.

The sheer amount of options at Betmania make it a first choice for so many bettors. The sportsbook includes Football, Basketlball, Baseball and Soccer. The Racebook includes anything seasonal such as NASCAR and F1 among other options! Live bet tracking, superior customer support and a smoothly optimized experience all make Betmania well worth signing up for.