Free Online Casinos

Sweeps online casinos are the new craze, and a ton of betting platforms are taking note by creating risk free ways for players to win big! Sweeps, tournaments and free to play slots along with promotions are fantastic ways to get started. Keep reading because we are taking a deep dive into some of the best online casinos with awesome free to play games and worthy promotions.

WoW Vegas:

WoW Vegas offers a ton of promotions that make it easy for players of all levels to get into the action without spending a dime. Sweeps coins can be accessed by buying fun play gold coins, or by reaching out to support and completing a task for real money funds in your WoW wallet. Usually this is getting a post card sent to your residence for verification, and just like that free sweeps coins are yours. This is an excellent way to get in on some real world action at their slots or table games, all of which are as fun and rewarding as the next.

Global Poker:

This awesome poker site has incorporated an entire casino into their Global Poker platform. Countless seasonal tournaments with real world stakes have made regular online casino goers millionaires overnight! This is an incredible site with a daily log in bonus that rewards real world cash to play sweeps poker, BlackJack or any of the countless slots games they also offer. Global Poker has a ton of bonus codes which can multiply your deposit by 3x, and a low entry point of $5 makes it especially feasible for new players.

Golden Hearts:

Another awesome casino with a ton of thematic elements and fantastic animations which elevate its overall look and feel. Countless slots and table game titles are available at Golden Hearts. Not only is it free to play their entire catalog, but they also give new players $5 off the bat and provide weekly promotions to always keep players in the game. This is a casino that is as free to play as possible with the no deposit bonuses and ways to earn real money daily. Golden Hearts may be lesser known that its counterparts listed above, but its prolific among the hard core online casino gamers for its rewards and fun factor.


With over 80 slots titles and countless ways to win without spending a dime, MyJackpot takes the cake as one of the best free to play slots sites available. This site provides an awesome user experience, and it's fun choosing the perfect free slots title to earn with. Millions in free play coins can be earned daily, and they have sweepstakes and live leaderboards as well!

When it comes to Free Online Casinos, its crucial to also see what types of rewards as well as what type of game selection is available. Not every Free Online Casino is necessarily worth checking out, but this list will hopefully help you make some guided decisions on your path to winning big.