Casino Extreme

Casino Extreme is an absolute favorite of mine. It's been around for over two decades, and it has a seriously affordable minimum deposit of $10. For this low entry fee players of all levels can unlock the best in slots and table gaming, along with some of the best promotional bonus codes around! There are some incredible welcome packages along with no deposit bonus codes as well. Keep your eyes peeled and keep reading as we discover why Casino Extreme is truly one of the best and most respected online casinos in the game, and why new players always seem to stay for the long haul!

Promotional Bonus Codes:

New players can redeem one of the best no deposit bonus codes on the web just by creating a free to make account. Anyone of legal age with verified ID can log in and redeem the instant $50 free chip bonus just for using code ' EXTREME50'! That's right, a free $50 to use anywhere on the site just for signing up. There is no better instant bonus given off the bat, and this is one of the reasons why Casino Extreme has been an extremely valuable commodity in the world of online casino gaming for as long as it has been. In addition to the no deposit bonus code for the more risk free players out there, there are some fantastic deposit match bonuses that you should also know about.

Upon signup, players are introduced to the Games and Promotions section pretty quickly. Here they are given some options for bonus codes including what's considered the Big One, and even called the Big One! With code ' THEBIGONE', players can access a 1000% match deposit bonus! That is 10x any deposit made which is just incredible considering new players can already redeem a $50 free chip bonus right off the bat! Casino Extreme also offers limitless gameplay with no roll overs or rules implemented. Code ' LIMITLESS' will access that serious of game play rewards, and it's easy to get lost

The VIP Club:

Once players get started on the Casino Extreme journey, they can start to earn comp points for every dollar spent. Comp points not only provide cash back and countless other rebates and rewards, they also provide tier ratings from Silver to Double Diamond and add a level of prestige to consistently loyal players. The gamified content works so well with the countless slots and table game titles already up for grabs at Casino Extreme.

Casino Extreme also accepts over a dozen types of credit cards, crypto currency, and digital wallet transfers from all over the globe. It's as easy as ever to get in on the action at Casino Extreme, and with the instant rewards bonuses up for grabs off the bat, there's no reason not to jump right in. The game play matches the promotions which are all fantastic, and the polish of the site makes it easy to navigate with 0 hassle when playing.