Loyal Royal Casino

Loyal Royal Casino is a gorgeously designed online casino that provides players the most exciting casino style games! The platform offers players an expanded library of Vegas inspired games, and a shot to win over 500x a single wager on most of them. Loyal Royal Casino is the self proclaimed 'hottest social casino in America', and with its modern style and visually appealing, easy to navigate home site, it may be just that! Social casinos are all the new craze in which new players do not have to make any purchases to play any of the games available on site. Players will also be able to accrue Rewards just for signing up, and signing in daily.

The two main currencies for the Loyal Royal Casino social casino site are Loyal Coins and Royal Rubies. Most Social Casino sites offer two currencies, one to represent the social currency which can be used to play all games yet has no real world value, and the other to offer sweepstakes and real money options with the same game variants. Loyal Royal Casino uses Loyal Coins as their social currency to make custom purchases on site or play any of the games. Loyal Coins act as a key to unlock all the games, yet this is more of a free play mode as Loyal Coins aren't worth real cash nor can they be traded in for real cash. Royal Rubies on the other represent sweepstakes entries and offer players a chance at real cash. Players will receive complimentary amounts of Royal Rubies with every set of Loyal Coins they purchase. The minimum deposit on Loyal Royal Casino is $5, and the lowest starting package is $4.99.

The affordable minimum deposit makes it easy for players of all levels and preferences to get in on the action easy and instantly at the Loyal Royal Casino home site. The developers who created Loyal Royal Casino also consider their work a 'labor of love' as listed on the platform's home page. The platform offers players a way to get in on the action as long as they have a working internet connection. The Loyal Royal Casino game site works just as well on mobile as it does on a desktop platform, and customer support can help players get in on the action with even more devices via players simply reaching out.

The know your consumer [KYC] verification method is quite popular with online casinos to ensure transparency and safety when dealing with real money. Loyal Royal Casino is no different and offers an easy sign up option with top notch KYC verification to ensure fair play and a transparent experience each time out. Players can indulge in the first time bonus code which entails 2,000 Loyal Coins and 2.5 Royal Rubies! This is simply for signing up which is completely free. Anyone over the age of 18 can play at this online casino risk free. It costs nothing to jump in and check out the action today!