Coins of Ra Slots

Coins of Ra Slots is a Hold and Win slots title created by the brilliant minds at BetSoft. The developers at BetSoft have created a fun and gorgeously styled slots game which allows players to mix and match the Coins of Ra via a 3x3 reel. Every spin can lead to major value with 4 progressive jackpots tallying upward with every win, and a wide array of wager options up to $50 in value per spin, per turn. The game itself provides a plethora of options when it comes to slick visuals and highly thematic visuals. The gorgeous hues of purple and blue work well with the in game sounds, and the moving background of a unique star scape sets the tone and lets players know this is a next gen feeling slots title.

Emblems on the board available to match for rewards include Wild Ankhs, purple and red gemstones, ceremonial urns for ancient dieties like Anubis, and an array of golden coins and pyramids for players to mix and match and earn up to $500 per coin found with a max bet! High Rollers can cruise to serious rewards including the progressive jackpots available by max betting $50 and jumping into the action. This shouldn't put players off who want to wager a bit less as Coins of Ra Slots accepts a minimum bet of a nickel per turn! That's right, players can get in on the 3x3 action with pay lines to earn from for just as little a 5 cents as a minimum bet.

BetSoft is an immaculate publisher and has also created Coins of Ra Slots with ease of controls and smoothness in mind. The game runs incredibly smoothly, and every turn feels like another chance to win as opposed to another losing gamble. The wide array of symbols to match from can also create bigger bonuses when matched together. Finding ceremonial urns along with the green and purple gemstones can enhance bonuses, and make a $2 win a $10 win at the drop of a dime. In some cases literally. Coins of Ra Slots is an affordable game to get into all the while being easy to learn. BetSoft expertly crafts all of its games to create different levels of rewards and immersion no matter the bet limit or wager level.

Players will also love the free play demo mode in which nearly $100,000 in play tokens can be used to learn the game's mechanics, along with its series of rewards including the previously mentioned Progressive jackpots. Minor, Mini, Major and Grand Jackpots can tally up with wins on the board, or by simply collecting they're respective coins on the real. Every spin is another chance to not only increase each jackpots worth, but to earn the entirety of it. Coins of Ra Slots is available on BetSoft's very own online casino platform This is one of the many ways to check out this sleek and new age celebration of all things slots rewards.