Cocoa Casino

Cocoa Casino offers a wide array of promotions and games to get involved with, and their live chat 24/7 support is available in multiple languages and serves a greater purpose in helping players lost find their way. This is a fantastic online experience for players who want to taste of real-money Vegas action. The ability to make deposits with cryptocurrency [Bitcoin] also make deposits and withdrawals transparent, all the while being quick and easy. Live leaderboards also pay out for those who rank high, so playing provides more than one way to win!

Real money action with some of the best game selection and promotions in the business all the way players at Cocoa Casino! This fantastic Vegas inspired online casino brings players the best in live casino gaming options along with live leaderboards and an all around gorgeous and easy to navigate platform. Players can Revel in the hundreds of slots games offered on the front page alone, and a massive 200% match deposit welcome bonus is available to any players who make a minimum deposit of 500 ZAR or around $25 USD. This is a popular crypto along with being a very popular online casino gaming platform in the Aussie and Oceania regions.

The affordable minimum deposit of $25 is available to any new players who want to embark on this Cocoa Casino adventure, and the wide array of promotional bonuses exist to help players boost their bankroll and get a head start. When it comes to deposit bonuses players will be able to redeem the previously mentioned 200% match deposit welcome bonus off the bat. Players can either choose this match deposit bonus or instead take a 100% cash back insurance bonus which will provide cash back for any net losses post deposit. The cash back insurance option is just as good as it sounds and exists as a Counterpoint to the previously mentioned deposit bonus. Any sort of cash back insurance bonus will provide players a solid amount of net cash back, and a wide array of these deals pop up throughout the year.

More weekly promotions and specials include the next day cash back option in which players can get a guaranteed 30% back on all the deposits they've made within the promotional period. Players will be able to redeem these promotions and use them same day along with being rewarded the next day minimally with any promos they've earned. These initial promotions are a great way for new players to get a head start not feel so lost in this ocean of rewarding yet at time volatile real money games. Players who stay consistent with their deposits and game play throughout the interim of their time on Cocoa Casino will also be entered into a VIP loyalty program. Comp points are collected for every deposit and game played and in return players will win real money in exchange for their comp points, additionally while telling up enough to earn placement in the VIP ranks.